Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits

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Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits provides a solution to your mosquitoes & insects problem at home or at work. Its suitable to be install on your exiting windows, sliding or push-out type, to keeps mosquito & other insects out but allow air to flow through thus improve ventilation. Excellent dengue prevention, also can be use as pet / cat screen.

How Does It Work?

Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits are held to the window frame using magnets, 1 magnetic strip on insect screen & another pasted on window frame with  adhesive tape . The attracting magnets forms a seal around the window frame and also allows you to easily open / close your windows or remove the whole insect screen to wash.

Peel the screens off with the pull string at either corners at the bottom of insect screen to open/close window. Release the screen when you are done & the insect screen will stick back onto window frame.


Easy To Install

Componets of Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits  are secured together with industrial grade 3M adhesive tape. Does not require drilling, nails or screw therefore no damage to window frame or structures


Easy To Operate

To open / close window, lift Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits from bottom with lifting grip to access window


Flexible, Bend-able & Durable

Our Mazer’s Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits are durable, flexible, water-resistant & designed to be easily bent to open / close windows.



Also called “Invisible Screen”. Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits is barely visible inside or outside. Improve ventilation with opened windows.


Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits

Are you having problems with mosquitoes / insects when your windows are open?

Ever thought of installing a net over your window to keeps bugs or insects OUT but doesn’t BLOCK the wind or view?

Our Mazer Magnetic Insect DIY Kits can be easily customized to fit your existing window. Fiberglass mesh / net together with magnetic strips & adhesive tapes are used to form a complete seal around over your windows. No drilling, screws or nails required. Does not damage window / grille’s surface.

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