All About Mazer Magnetic Insect Screen

We are devoted to improve all households’ living condition with Mazer’s products, allowing customers to relish a different level of comfort and relaxation in their safe homes. This is because all of the customers are worth living a better life.

Mazer’s Insect Screen Systems provide various solutions to your mosquitoes & insects problem at home or at work. It is suitable to be installed onto your exiting windows, sliding or casement (push-out) types Most importantly, We can help to keep mosquito & other insects out, and at the same time, allowing air to flow through, thus improving home ventilation. Excellent dengue prevention, also can be use as pet / cat screen.

We use only the highest quality materials (3M Adhesive tapes and magnet + UV-resistant Fibreglass Mesh – Direct from USA) for Mazer’s Magnetic Insect Screen & Aluminium productions. We can provide you with durable solutions for keeping pests & dusts out!

In general, it is about focusing on how to make your life better & it’s All about You.  Stay engaged with us @ Facebook!